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System Summary:

            Memorize is a single player computer game. The user interface of the game consists of 16 cards (8 pairs of cards numbered from 1 to 8) turned upside down. When the game starts, the computer places the cards randomly on the play board.
The player needs to determine the location of cards of the same pair by clicking the cards of the same pair consecutively within 100 seconds. When the player clicks a card, the card number is revealed.
If the player clicks a pair of cards having different numbers, the cards are turned down immediately after the next card is clicked. If the cards numbers are the same, the pair is removed from the board immediately after the next card is clicked.

Controls in the game:

            The player needs to click the left mouse button to reveal a card.

Menus in the game:

            The following menu options / buttons are provided in the game:
  •   New Game (To start a new game)
  •   Pause / Resume (To pause and resume the game)
  •   Top Score (Top view the top score)
  •   Help (To view the instructions of the game)
  •   Sound ON / OFF (To mute or enable sound for  the game)

Scoring mechanism in the game:

            The player has to remove all cards from the board in the least possible time. The score is determined on the basis of the number of seconds in which the player removes all cards from the board.

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